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Seamless steel pipe, steel industry in the "boss"

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Steel pipes are used in many areas in our society today, regardless of whether they are used for transportation, construction or other purposes. Now a lot of the use of steel are roughly divided into two kinds, one is seamless steel pipe, one is the seam steel pipe. Although they are all steel pipes, seamless steel pipes are much better than seam steel pipes in any way, so the steel pipes used are seamless steel pipes, and the use of seamless steel pipes will have many benefits. Now Seamless steel pipe inside the industry can be said to occupy a lot of the market.
        The reason why seamless steel pipe can be the first choice for the public to choose steel pipe, it is because of the advantages of seamless steel pipe itself, such as good precision, light weight, good compressive strength, etc. These advantages also allow seamless steel pipe Whether it is used in what areas can be very good inside to play, it is precisely because of the precision of seamless steel tubes, so now are used in the transport of seamless steel tubes in the drawing. Seamless steel pipe compared with ordinary steel pipe, the company's sales of high-quality seamless steel pipe covering the country in addition to Hainan and Tibet, except for all provinces and regions. In the service through continuous improvement of competitiveness for customers at the same time for our own professional management of various types of seamless pipe, seamless steel pipe, thick-walled steel, seamless steel pipe manufacturers, and other products strictly enforce the national standard, all produced in this Factories and large state-owned steel mills, such as: Masteel, Laiwu Steel, Baotou, Heavy Steel. As the largest steel pipe production and processing trade enterprise in Luxi, it has a long-term inventory of more than 10,000 tons, and its inventory and sales volume rank the first among similar enterprises across the country. Long-term with a variety of seamless steel tubes, high pressure boiler tubes, fluid pipes, structural tubes, fertilizer pipe and Germany and the United States Japan imported alloy steel pipe has won the praise of the market. Another company annual sales of Chengdu Iron and Steel Group, Steel Group, Baotou Steel, Baosteel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Tianjin Seamless, Xining Special Steel, Wuxi Steel, Hengyang Steel and other major steel production seamless Steel pipe and alloy pipe compression capacity are good, so it is also widely used in construction, such as steel scaffolding, oil drill pipe and so on.
        Many people use 16Mn seamless steel pipe when a wide range of uses. General purpose seamless steel pipe is made of common carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel with the most output and is mainly used as a pipe or structural part for transporting fluid. Such seamless steel pipe made of steel is widely used Hydraulic props, high pressure gas cylinders, high pressure boilers, fertilizer equipment, petroleum cracking, semi-axle sleeve car, diesel engines, hydraulic pipe fittings with surface quenching or high-frequency quenching and other treatment. Therefore, depending on the chemical composition (mainly carbon content), heat treatment process and use of different. When, will find that obviously did not use a long time the pipe began to rust a large area, it also affected the use of steel and quality. Although seamless steel pipe is also metal, will rust, but the seamless steel pipe is treated with anti-corrosion, so that greatly prevent the rust of the steel pipe, and as long as the seamless steel pipe in the place of choice when installed, is also possible Greatly reduce the rusty phenomenon of seamless steel pipe.

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