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Domestic seamless steel pipe production process

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In many seamless pipe mills now, it is mainly manufactured and sold mainly of cold-drawn and hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, and the production processes of the two are also different. So in these two seamless steel pipe production process inside, or drawing of seamless steel pipe production process is more complicated. Cold-drawn seamless steel pipe in the first tube on the issue of the need for continuous rolling, rolling can be carried out after the sizing test, this time the tube blank surface without any crack response before the next process can be carried out.
        Then the crack response is carried out after the cutting, the cutting length of about one meter or so, after the completion of cutting into the annealing process. When annealing, there is a key is to be pickling, then pickling time, workers should pay attention to their own safety issues. During the pickling, pay attention to the foaming of the surface of the steel pipe, if the bubble from too much, then it shows that the quality of the steel pipe failed to meet the requirements. In comparison, hot rolling is much simpler, and it is only possible to carry out the heat treatment in the hot-rolled state so that it can be delivered. Therefore, the process is much simpler.
        However, the hot-rolled seamless steel pipe produced in the time, is to go through the strict selection of staff to be placed in the warehouse inside. So that is, these two kinds of seamless steel pipe basically become a lot of the seamless steel pipe factory's main sales and production. Not only in the process of different, these two kinds of seamless steel pipe in appearance is obviously different. In contrast, the length of cold-drawn seamless steel pipe to be more short, the wall thickness than hot-rolled seamless steel pipe 16Mn seamless steel pipe is widely used. The general purpose seamless steel pipe is made of common carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel with the highest output and slightly higher strength than No. 15 steel, with little quenching and no temper brittleness. Cold deformed plastic company's sales of high-quality seamless steel pipe sales covering the country except Hainan and Tibet in all provinces and regions. In the same time through the service for our customers to enhance competitiveness at the same time also won the market for our own praise. Another company annual sales of Chengdu Iron and Steel Group, Steel Group, Baotou Steel, Baosteel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Tianjin Seamless, Xining Special Steel, Wuxi Steel, Hengyang Steel and other major steel production seamless Pipe and alloy pipe high, generally for bending, calendering, bending and hammer arch processing, arc welding and welding of the welding performance, gas welding, the thickness of the small, the appearance of demanding or complex shape parts prone to cracking. Machinability Cold drawn or normalized state is better than the annealed state, generally used to create less stressed and toughness demanding. The annual inventory of 10,000 tons to maintain annual sales volume of billions of dollars. The products are sold to implement the national standards for engineering, coal, textile mainly used for transporting fluid pipes or structural components, such steel seamless steel pipe is widely used in hydraulic props, high pressure gas cylinders, high pressure boilers, fertilizer equipment , Petroleum cracking, automobile axle sleeve, diesel engine, hydraulic pipe fittings and other surface quenching or high-frequency quenching and other treatment. Therefore, depending on the chemical composition (mainly carbon content), heat treatment process and use of different. Small, but on the surface, cold drawn seamless steel pipe more bright and clean.

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